The Blenheim bed & breakfast and guesthouse with heart.

When you travel, a little personal attention can go a long way.

Take your journey to the next level with Henry Maxwell's Bed and Breakfast, an elegant 90 year old

house located in Blenheim, the heart of the Marlborough wine region

Come to an area alive with culture, sights, and history!

Central B&B, guest-house and accommodation with personal service

We like to do justice to our beautiful region here at Henry Maxwell's Bed and Breakfast, and give you a personal and dedicated service.

You will stay in a beautiful historic house with spacious, attractive and comfortable rooms.

You will have hosts that know your first name, exactly how you like your eggs, and what time you need to be picked up at the airport!

We're not afraid to get to know our guests, or do what it takes to give you an affordable and unique hospitality experience. Your privacy is guaranteed.

The perfect central accommodation for touring the Marlborough vineyards

The Marlborough region is famous for its thriving wine industry and vineyards, and is a popular attraction both nationally and internationally as a wine tasting destination.

Henry Maxwell's Bed and Breakfast accommodation is the perfect place to stay while visiting the various vineyards enjoy drinks in the house or garden after a day in the vineyards, and stroll to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

A leisurely five minutes walk to the food and entertainment of central Blenheim

Conveniently close to the local shops, supermarket, delightful cafes, and restaurants where you can sample the local entertainment and cuisine.

It also acts as a convenient gateway to Picton and the amazing Marlborough sounds, The Rainbow ski fields. Whale and dolphin watching in Kaikoura, - nothing is too far away.

Things to do in Blenheim

Blenheim is a landmark city located in on the South Island of New Zealand and known for its robust wine industry. Some of the best wine assortments in the world are produced right here, in the vineyards that surround the city populated by no more than 30,700 people. Many tourists believe that Blenheim is the ideal place to spend an adventurous holiday with a hot, beautiful escort Paris from As a visitor in this region, you can choose from a broad range of fun activities that will surely leave you with a fun memory of New Zealand.

Wine tasting

The unique climate conditions of the Marlborough region, where Blenheim is situated, are ideal for wine production. The area enjoys over 80 days of rain per year, which nourish the fertile soil and help the grapevines develop in a healthy way. Whether it rains or not during your visit here, you can go on a wine tasting circuit that includes dozens of wineries and producers, each eager to display their goods. If you are surrounded by frigid escorts, this is the ideal place to take them to unwind. The delicious wines will surely open their appetite for even bigger adventures that wait for you on the island.

Swimming with dolphins

Dolphins are majestic creatures with fantastic intellect abilities. Their genuine curiosity and jovial attitude make them easy to train and keep around humans. You can experience their friendliness in any of the major water parks located in and around Blenheim. Special instructors accompany you all the way as you and your escorts swim side by side with some of the fascinating animals on the planet. Prices for this activity vary depending on your reservation date – the earlier you book it, the higher the chances are for a major discount.

Water sports

If you find that swimming with dolphins fails to pump your adrenaline levels, you should try one of the many water sports that you practice in Blenheim. Water-skiing and boat cruising are just two of the activities that challenge tourists on a daily basis. You can take your passion for adventure away from the shore and battle the ocean waves under the admiring looks of your beautiful escort Paris.

Is Blenheim suited for escorts?

When you choose to visit Blenheim, you should carefully pick the people who accompany you on this journey. If you want to spend more time in the hotel room or the local wineries, you should ask a mature escort Paris to join you. However, if you love adventure and you only need to sleep 3-4 hours per night, you should look for a companion with a similar passion for extreme sports and adventures like the ones from SexeModel. This strategy will help you experience Blenheim without worrying about your partner’s mood.

Gourmet food and restaurants

Contrary to general opinion, Blenheim is not just about good wine and adventure time. You can enjoy a tasty meal at one of the many favorite restaurants in town every day of the week. The region of Marlborough is notorious for its many high-priced locales that offer gourmet food at reasonable prices. Take your escorts for a lovely goodbye dinner at one of these joints before ending your journey in New Zealand.

Book your stay at the Henry Maxwell’s bed & breakfast

Holidays in Blenheim, New Zeeland, are a one-of-a-kind experience for every person. Whether you look for a swim with the dolphins, or you crave the local cuisine, the popular town has one of the best places for accommodation. Book your stay at the Henry Maxwell’s bed & breakfast and you will always come back for more. Spend the days of your vacation in the best conditions and at a short distance from the tourist attractions.

Located in the center of the city, the bed and breakfast facility will amaze with its Victorian old charm. With spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, a large guest dining room and lounge, the house is suitable for every pocket. From kitchenette, TV, free Internet to coffee/tea and laundry facilities, there is no doubt that you will love your stay here. Take advantage of the rustic ambiance of the building, the fine linen bee sheets and delicious breakfast made with fresh ingredients.

Let the friendly host make you feel like home and take pleasure in the lovely room views. You can have your breakfast and morning coffee surrounded by the greenery in the garden. In case you planned a small group family retreat or a wedding anniversary trip, this place will help you create long-lasting memories. Do not waste your time in front of the computer and make sure you have fun in this stunning city.

Due to its proximity to the town center, you can discover all the treasures within the Blenheim. Take a bike tour, explore the local vineyards and sample the most incredible wines. There are more than 20 wineries around town ready for your visit. Stop by Cloudy Bay or Wither Hills and you can appreciate the spectacular Marlborough countryside. Feast your taste buds with traditional meals and swing by Arbour for local dishes and a fantastic wine list.

Get ready for an aviation history lesson and go to Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre. The museum will impress you with its large and detailed exhibitions of original and replica older planes and uniforms from World War I and II. After the tour you can relax at the café or pay a visit to Omaka Classic Cars for the vintage car collection. Your children will definitely love the examples of the 50s and the aircraft artifacts.

Guest can use Pollard Park for relaxation. With picturesque landscapes of green trees and colorful flowers, a playground, a tennis court and golf course, you will be amazed by the natural beauty and opportunity for leisure activities in the middle of nature. Play interesting games with your kids, show them the ducks and stroll along the Taylor River Reserve nearby. This park is the perfect place for those who want a getaway from the crowded environment of the urban areas.

Henry Maxwell’s house is one of the best accommodation places you will find in town. You have all the must-see attraction around Blenheim at a short distance from the establishment. Get a glimpse of the extraordinary views and discover all the surrounding tourist hot spots and food culture. Get help from the owners with local walks, best places in town and entertaining facilities. Book a room at the Henry Maxwell’s bed & breakfast and have a unique adventure!